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I approached Oaklands Property Management to take over the management of our building having encountered several unscrupulous property managers over the years. Since partnering with them over 5 years ago, I have been impressed by the breadth of their knowledge and have always appreciated their open communication - something I found sorely lacking at other companies I engaged with. I know that when I contact them, my concerns or questions will be addressed quickly and I will be treated with patience and courtesy at all times.

I have worked with both Chris and Douglas for a number of years and during this time, they have upgraded our building to an extremely high standard. What I appreciate most about working with them is their ability to cut through the predictable politics of a project, keep everyone happy, and delivering the expected results every time. It is crucial that I can depend on them to help us effectively manage our property on a daily basis - so it is necessary to rely on the judgement and integrity they have. One of their many attributes is their experience, availability and responsiveness to the running of our building and something I rely heavily on.

Since working with them, I have regained my sense of trust and appreciation for the management services they provide and would highly recommend them.

Ms Antoni, Freeholder, Brighton

Oaklands have been managing my Brighton property for several years - to my complete satisfaction. I have always found them to be highly efficient, readily accessible and a nice people to deal with.

VB, Freeholder, Brighton

Oaklands were my managing agent at my previous property for several years and I was always very pleased with their polite and prompt efficient service. As this was my first experience of living in a managed block I didn't realise how good they actually were until I moved into a new building with a different agent and realised what a superior level of service Oaklands had been offering, compared to the service I was now paying more for! So much so that I advised my new fellow freeholders to move over to Oaklands. Since the switch we have been very happy with their new more efficient and personal approach to running our building.

Richard, Freeholder - Kemptown, Brighton

I bought my flat in Brighton in March 2014. It is my only investment property and I have been absolutely delighted with the performance of your management company.

I have been kept informed promptly of any relevant information. The interior of the building was redecorated, quotations were obtained and the work carried out well. I expected a bill for my share of the work and was delighted to find that the reserve covered all work and no contribution was required from me.

If I am in a position to buy a second investment property I would certainly hope to buy one managed by your company as it is just one thing less to worry about knowing the property is well managed

Sally, Freeholder, Steine, Brighton

Our Company appointed Oaklands Property Management on 01/03/2013. In that time we have had an excellent working relationship. We have found that Chris is very easy to work with. He is polite, actively helps, supportive, punctual and has a wealth of knowledge and contacts for every eventuality so far encountered. On many occasions Chris exceeds the terms of our contract and has helped out for which we are extremely grateful.

Chris has attended all our AGM’s and board meetings and given honest opinions of the situations discussed offering solutions to the problems or just saying our understanding / suggested actions are correct. 

At every AGM Oaklands have been re-appointed. Appointing Oaklands has also massively reduced our Directors paperwork and eased tensions as Chris mediates between all of us. In fact this is the most important role, placing a mediator between the board, owners / tenants and contractor’s.

From the financial side Chris set up a new account for our monies and gave me access to view same at any time. This has meant our Company has become dormant thus giving a massive saving on the annual accountancy fees with only the directors auditing the annual figures of income, expenditure and receipts. Oaklands has also saved us money on our insurance premium and electricity by changing same and keeping an eye on the market for the best deal.

There has also been a saving on contractors as he has a better idea of what things should cost and finds the best deal for us from his many contacts which gives us time to concentrate on the policy decisions. All in all appointing Oaklands has been the best thing Our Company did.

Paul, Pevensey Bay

I would like to thank you for the exceptional work you do as managing agents on behalf of us as freeholders.

DG, Freeholder - Kemptown, Brighton

Chris and Doug have managed our seafront property now since 2012, and I have lost count of the number of times we have thanked our lucky stars they are at the helm. Choosing Oaklands was quite simply the second best decision we made about this building, after choosing to purchase our home here in the first place. I know I speak for all seven flat owners in writing this.

They have been with us through thick and thin. Wonderful old buildings like ours constantly need care, nurturing, and occasionally some urgent action. Chris and Doug have been diligent in keeping on top of it all, flagging the problems to us, coming up with solutions we could actually achieve, being sensitive to our budgets but being honest with us about where corners could be cut, and where they could not. They know their stuff with regards to the local authorities, the law, the finances, and the bricks and mortar.

Above all, they understand that it's not just about the buildings -- it's about the very differing personalities and approaches of the people who live in them. They are skilled at handling the politics of a communal block. The best testament to our affection for them both is that while we seven flat-owners may sometimes squabble over issues, nobody hesitated when it came to agreeing to send a case of wine and champagne to them last year after a particularly busy period.

Managing agents often have a reputation for being disorganised, indifferent and/or incompetent. Chris and Doug are the exception: totally organised, caring and a lot of fun have on the team.

John, Brighton


Oaklands Property Management offer you the full range of services for property investors. We offer the highest level of professionalism, service and integrity. For more details about what we do and how we can help you, get in touch today.



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